Foreclosures in Vancouver

How to Prevent Foreclosure in Vancouver

Falling into foreclosure is an experience that we'd all like to avoid. For most of us, the idea of potentially losing our home is the worst case scenario. However, given the high cost of housing in Vancouver and economic uncertainty there are also many of us that are close to foreclosure. You can learn about the Vancouver foreclosure process here.

What can you do if you are feeling that you cannot make your mortgage payments, or if you are already falling behind on your mortgage? The first thing to remember is that banks do not want to foreclose on your property. They want to keep you as a client and will try and work with you to keep you on track and making regular payments. Try not to see the bank as an enemy, but rather as a partner that can help you to solve your financial trouble.

Do not ignore the attempts made by the bank to contact you. The problem will (unfortunately) not go away and will only become worse if you ignore the phone calls, mail and emails that the bank will be making once you fall behind on payments.

The foreclosure process is a long one. You do not lose your home immediately. Before you risk losing everything, you also have an option to sell your home, pay off the lender with the proceeds of the sale and begin with a clean financial slate.

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