City of Vancouver - Cedar Cottage School Boundaries

Cedar Cottage School Cathments

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Cedar Cottage Elementary Schools

Queen Alexandra
1300 E. Broadway Vancouver BC V5N 1V5

Laura Secord
2500 Lakewood Dr Vancouver BC V5N 4V1

Lord Beaconsfield
3663 Penticton St Vancouver BC V5M 3C8

John Norquay
4710 Slocan St Vancouver BC V5R 2A1

Lord Selkirk
1750 E. 22nd Ave Vancouver BC V5N 2P7

3525 Dumfries St Vancouver BC V5N 3S5

Cedar Cottage Secondary Schools

Vancouver Technical (French Immersion)
2600 E. Broadway Vancouver, BC V5M 1Y5

4105 Gladstone St. Vancouver, BC V5N 4Z2

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