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The area's name, Cedar Cottage, is derived from one of the original land owners. In 1888 Arthur Wilson bough 43 acres at Knight and Kingsway and began the Cedar Cottage Nursery. The original community was centered on the 3500 - 3600 blocks of Commercial Street. By 1910 there was a post office, a bank, 40 stores and a school house (Lord Selkirk is still in use today).

Today, Cedar Cottage is a vibrant, diverse and growing community. Barely 1/3 of Cedar Cottage residents speak English as their first language (compared to 1/2 for the city as a whole). There is a large population of Chinese, Philipino and Vietnamese speakers.

While Cedar Cottage, like much of the rest of East Vancouver, has traditionally been a working class neighborhood this has been changing in recent years. Increasingly, it's become a popular choice for young professionals and their families.

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Where is Cedar Cottage?

Cedar Cottage is a community in Vancouver, BC. It is bordered to the north by Broadway Ave, to the south by Kingsway, and by Clark Dr/Knight St to the west and Nanaimo St on the east.

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