Fairview Vancouver Real Estate

Fairview is a neighborhood in the City of Vancouver known for it's proximity to the downtown core, and magnificent views of the downtown peninsula and the North Shore mountains. Market housing in the area is almost exlusively condomiums. With the most rapid development in the 1980s and early 90s, Fairview has a large number of low level condominium developments. There is also a large number of townhouse developments in the area.

Should owning a home in Fairview be your goal, then this is a superb starting point. The information here is a great place to begin, or continue, your search for a Fairview Vancouver home. Vancouver realtor, Sebastian Albrecht can help you in successfully navigating the challenges of the Vancouver real estate market. Call or Email Sebastian today.

Where is Fairview?

Fairview is one of many neighborhoods in Vancouver, BC. It's bordered to the west by Burrard, to the east by Cambie, to the south by 16th and to the north by the waters of False Creek.

Fairview was left undeveloped until well into the 1890s. At that time, the city spread a network of streetcars out of the downtown penninsula, and one of the popular runs ran south to Fairview. Development rapidly followed the arrival of the streetcar. Much of what made this area attractive to developer's and residents at the time holds true today. Fairview is easily accessible to all parts of the city, it has fact access to transit and it has incredible views.

Living in Fairview

Not long ago, Fairview was an industrial zone in the City of Vancouver. Today, it's one of the most scenic residential communities in the city with a whole host of young families, first-time buyers and professionals as residents. This is a walkable (and bikable) community. The downtown core is easily reached on foot or bike over either the Cambie, Granville or Burrard street bridges. Broadway is the primary commercial route running east-west while Burrard and Cambie run north-south.

While the majority of development in the area occured in the 1980s and early 1990s, there has been significant change very recently. With the awarding of the 2010 Winter Olympics to the City of Vanccouver, the city pushed forward with the development of the Canada Line Skytrain line which runs from downtown Vancouver along Cambie street to Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, BC. This new Skytrain (the city's rapid transit rail line) route is bringing a whole host of new conveniences and development to Fairview, in particular at Broadway and Cambie.

Homes for Sale in Fairview Vancouver

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Where to stay in Fairview

There are not a lot of hotels in Fairview. The list below are the only hotels in the area, but if you are looking for others you can also stay at some of the hotels that I recommend for clients considering Downtown Vancouver real estate.

Where to eat in Fairview

Vancouver's restaurant scene has been on the rise for the last few years. No matter your tastes, you can find pretty much anything you could ever want in the city. Not only do we have a wide variety, but the quality is excellent and the prices relatively cheap. Go out and explore what we have to offer. If you find something good, and it's not on this list, then please tell me about it (email me here).

What to do in Fairview

Fairview is predominantly a residential community. There is a lot to do in neighboring communities such as Kitsilano and Downtown Vancouver. However, Fairview represents itself well when it comes to dining and shopping opportunities (mainly along Broadway, Granville and Cambie).

The two primary commercial zones of Fairview are South Granville and Granville Island. Located along Granville (from the foot of the Granville Street Bridge north to 16th Avenue) South Granville offers sophisticated, high-end shopping, as well as art galleries, antique stores, restaurants and cafes. Just to the north (below the Granville Street Bridge), the old warehouses and factories of the industrial area that was False Creek have been transformed into Granville Island. Originally formed in 1916 with the sediment dredged from False Creek, Granville Island today is a lively and thriving mix of shops, theatres, studios, and a bustling public market.

Granville Island is a Vancouver treasure that is at the heart of Fairview. The majority of the residents are within walking distance of the Granville Island Market and this is where you will find many local area residents doing regular shopping, or relaxing on sunny summery afternoons.