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Riley Park Zoning - Riley Park

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City of Vancouver - Zoning Districts

RS-1 and RS-1S, One-Family Dwelling Districts: The intent is to maintain the single-family residential character of the RS-1 District and, in the RS1S District, to conditionally permit two-family dwellings and encourage new development that is similar in character to development in the RS-1 District.

RS-5S: single-family houses with family suites or rental suites. Optional design review.

RT-7 & RT-8: renovation/conversion of older houses in some cases with infill dwelling over the garage; two- to four-unit new dwellings. With design review.

RT-9: two-family dwellings, or renovation/conversion of old houses. Optional design review.

RM-4 and RM-4N, Multiple Dwelling Districts: The intent is to permit medium density residential development, including a variety of multiple dwelling types, to encourage the retention of existing buildings and good design, and to achieve a number of community and social objectives through permitted increases in floor area. The RM-4N District requires evidence of noise mitigation for residential development.C-2: either four-storey commercial/residential mixed use, with design review; or three- to four-storey all commercial, without design review.

C-2B, C-2C, C-2C1, C-7/8: four-storey commercial/residential mixed use, with design review. The zones vary somewhat in the uses and densities permitted, and the nature of the design guidelines.

C-3A: office or apartment buildings with retail on the ground level, heights ranging up to 36.5 m, with design review.

CD-1s: different forms of development under customized, site-specific regulations, with design review. There are a number of pockets of CD-1 zoning along the Commercial Drive corridor.

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