My Charitable Giving

Royal LePage Shelter Foundation

Day to day I help people make the right decision about real estate investments. For some of us, a dream home isn't bricks and mortar, it's a safe and peaceful environment. It is for those members of our society that I've chosen to donate a portion of every dollar that I earn to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.

The Shelter Foundation is dedicated to ending violence against women and children (you can read more about the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation here). A portion of every dollar that I earn goes towards this worthwhile cause.

In addition, I am raising money this summer for the Shelter Foundation through a personal challenge. My goal is to break the record for the most number of ascents of the Grouse Grind in a single day on June 28th, 2010 (and I made it!). You can read all about my drive for a record number of ascents of the Grouse Grind here.

I reached my goal of 13 ascents in 2009, raising nearly $10,000 that day for the RLP Shelter Foundation. You can read more about that day here, or check out the media coverage that it received.

You can also donate directly to the Shelter Foundation.